Emotional Vampires – Bad for Friendships


If you think that an emotional vampire has something to do with Twilight, think again! Emotional vampires are people that “suck the good” out of every relationship. Rather than feasting on blood they feed on the positive energy or good feelings that exist in a relationship. Also, unlike the traditional vampires of legend, emotional vampires are very real, and take shape in the form of people we interact with and try and befriend

Friendships are built on trust, support, and fun, so having someone in your life that diminishes this will make it difficult to be yourself. More than that, emotional vampires can leave you mentally exhausted, and at worst, can make you question your own choices in life. True friends, by contrast, should be gently honest with you and encourage you. Your friends should be there to give you support and provide an emotional safe place where you won’t be ridiculed or made to feel less than you are.

If you are friends with an emotional vampire, your entire view of friendships can be skewed. Emotional vampires are dangerous because they don’t attack head on, but rather work their way into your psyche little by little. Their actions are not overt, so in order to figure those out you might question their intentions and loyalty. All of this emotional energy can be better spent in dealing with the good friends you have instead.

Typically, emotional vampires are all about them as opposed to you. So they will talk about their problems ad nauseam without reciprocating the gesture and let you get a few things off your chest. Or, they will manage to change the level of excitement in a room full of people. For example, let’s say you have a girlfriend announce at dinner that she just got a new job. Other friends around the table will tell her positive things, such as “congratulations” and “great job.” They will ask her questions about her new job and encourage her if she reveals that she is a little bit scared or nervous.

The emotional vampire, however, will use this event to talk about their own problems. Or, they will point out all the bad things about the new job, such as the long hours or low pay. They will trample over the positive vibe that is happening and it will have an effect on the others. Suddenly the mood of the room will change to something darker, and the people at the table will leave feeling more “down” than positive and upbeat. If you were laughing or having fun before, chances are the mood is decidedly different after the emotional vampire arrives.

In short, if you feel worse after you see or talk to your friend, that person may be an emotional vampire. Before you decide to pull away from the friendship, however, make sure you know for sure that this person isn’t just have a rough time of things, or even just a bad day. Emotional vampires consistently bring you down, so if you notice this going on regularly over time, chances are you have an emotional vampire in your life. You can also freeing yourself of emotional vampires by read Ignite Magazine. Ignite Magazine is wonderful information provider magazine. Ignite Magazine also provides tips and advice for women, with focus on health, fitness, weight loss, depression, nutrition, sex and relationships, emotional well-being, beauty and style. It offers a variety of health, fitness, and diet articles for men and women. Goal of Ignite Magazine is to help parents raise their children into happy successful adults. For more information visit the site http://www.ignite-magazine.com/ .


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