Protect Yourself from Psychic Vampires


We give our energy to a psychic vampire by allowing ourselves to be controlled on some level. We allow ourselves to be controlled by fear, by a desire to please, by a need for approval, and even through anger, pain and rejection. When we are angry at someone we give them a very large piece of our energy. Our energy is focused on the person we are angry at. When we feel dumped, humiliated, rejected or hurt by a relationship we also tend to give our energy to that person through our constant obsession or focus on them.

In abusive relationships we are constantly surrendering our energy and power in order to avoid conflict or further abuse. We suppress our voice, our energy and our personal power which is much the same as handing it over to the other person. We tolerate disrespect, dishonor, criticism, disapproval and a whole host of poor treatment. Each time we experience our abusers disapproval we tend to feel that piece of our energy being extracted. We feel more and more powerless and the abuser feels more and more powerful. The only way for us to get our energy and power back is to stop giving it away and remove ourselves from disrespectful and abusive environments.

Once we are on our own again, it is important to turn the focus of our lives back on ourselves and not our abuser. Although it can be a great challenge NOT to focus on our abuser this really needs to be what we strive for. The reason we tend to look backward so much and even become obsessed with what our abuser is doing now, is that he still has a piece of us and we want that piece back.

When we have separated from the person who has been extracting our life-force energy we must, at all costs, bring our focus back to ourselves and do everything within our ability to restore ourselves to health on all levels, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. This is how we will heal and restore our energy. Remember, when you are connected to the source of life, you can draw energy directly from the light. Once you have stopped leaking your energy to the past, you can fill your reserves again and get on with your life in a much more empowered way.

We can become more empowered once we get ourselves back from a situation that extracts our energy because we learn not to allow that again. We learn how to protect ourselves and we are able to see the signs when someone is extracting our energy and leave the situation much sooner. Consuming energy instead of blood, psychic vampires come in a variety of unsuspecting guises. This unique approach to the subject will introduce you to a trio of new thieves: group vampires, parasitic vampires, and global vampirism. Ignite-magazine is more effetive for Emotional Vampires by reading this magazine you can Freeing Yourself of Emotional Vampires. This magazine information about exploring environmental, developmental, and past-life factors, Psychic Vampires presents effective step-by-step empowerment procedures you can use to protect yourself and replenish your energy reserves. For more information visit the site .


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