Self Talk for Depression

We all know that we engage in self talk all day long but we are not aware of the crucial role it plays in causing anxiety and depression. We wake up with the thought how our day is going to be, how we acted in certain situations and we constantly judge ourselves in our respective roles mother, father, co worker, friends and other relations. We also assign meaning to the situations we encounter and this meaning is a product of our imagination, subjective bias, and personal experiences.

A situation can be neutral but we make it good or bad by our own interpretation. For example, the sun rises and two people look at it. One person looks at it and reacts happily. He begins to plan how he is going to spend this sunny day and make the best of it. However, another person looks at it and it does not give him the same pleasure. His mind is focused on the negative aspect and he feels that the sun is going to bother him while driving eastward. He closes the curtains and blinds and stays home while the other person is planning a picnic with his friends and appears happy. So the sun is neutral but two people can color their perception with their individual interpretations. When we constantly evaluate our everyday situations negatively, it leads to depression and anxiety. Therefore it is very important to notice and be aware of our self talk.

Using positive self talk for depression is an effective way to cope and even recover from this debilitating disorder. Depression has a history of creating catastrophes in the mind. This keeps your mind focused on negative thinking and also aids in the spiral down into those deep, dark places where depression likes to dwell. Self talk for depression must always be truthful, validating, positive and encouraging. Since depression causes low self image, it is important to reduce all negative thinking and critical self talk. When it comes to depression, self talk is extremely important, especially since our thoughts influence how we feel emotionally and physically. Depression enables you to become your own worst enemy. Most times, we would never talk to others the same way we talk to ourselves. Ignite Magazine is information about how to Self-Talk beneficial for depressed people. Ignite Magazine is the world’s leading Magazine for information on yoga and the yoga lifestyle. For more information visit the site



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