Are You An Emotional Vampire?


Here at Ignite Magazine a quick quiz for you to take. Answer the following questions. Be as honest as possible:

Do you feel that people often don’t understand you or your problems?

Do you feel that there are many barriers in your life which you have no control over?

Do you often ask for help from others and/or feel like few people are willing to help you?

Do you feel like you often don’t receive the attention or appreciation that you deserve?

Do people often complain that you don’t listen to them, when in fact, you feel like they don’t listen to you?

Do you feel like most other people have lives that are much easier than yours?

Do you fight with close friends and loved ones often?

If so, is it usually their fault?

Do people suddenly drop contact with you with no explanation and refuse to communicate with you again?

Do you often feel helpless, like you have little opportunity to improve your life?

If you answered yes to more than half of the questions above, then please read this post carefully. It could very well be the first step to turning all of the above problems around. Parts of this article may not be easy to read. But I implore you to keep an open mind and take it seriously.

If you did answer yes to at least half of the above questions, chances are you are an emotional vampire. Don’t take that the wrong way, it’s not your fault. It just means you’ve been hurt in the past. And as a result, you inadvertently hurt those around you, who in return, push you away and hurt you further. It’s a vicious cycle. But you can’t help it, because you aren’t even aware of it.

Emotional vampires are called emotional vampires because they have a tendency to drain the emotional energy out of everyone they come in contact with. They’re exhausting. They need constant attention. They always have some crisis or major life event. They’re experts at eliciting emotional reactions out of others and then feeding off those emotions, regardless of whether they’re positive emotions or negative emotions. All emotional vampires suffer from low self-esteem, but not all people with low self-esteem are emotional vampires. Low self-esteem comes in a number of flavors and manifests itself differently from person to person, and emotional vampires are people with a specific subset of self-esteem issues. Emotional vampires exhibit three specific traits simultaneously: an excessive need for validation/attention from others, the belief that little to nothing that occurs is their fault, and the lack of self-awareness to recognize their self-defeating patterns. Ignite Magazine is the best magazine for Freeing Yourself of Emotional Vampires. IgNITE Magazine will ignite the mind, body, soul and spirit by providing unique articles sure to get your fire started and to provide the light for your journey to total wellness. Ignite Magazine also provides tips and advice for women, with focus on health, fitness, weight loss, depression, nutrition, sex and relationships, emotional well-being, beauty and style. It offers a variety of health, fitness, and diet articles for men and women. For more information visit the site .


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